About Us

MICKEY BUEN ENTERTAINMENT is a Long Beach based company dedicated to creative and innovative media.

The goal of M.B.E. (MICKEY BUEN ENTERTAINMENT) is to make distinctive movies, feature films, television shows, and music, both live and recorded performances. Quality is a must and M.B.E. intends to incorporate, the newest and the best technology, as well as experts in these fields. Our purpose is to insure the greatest entertainment possible, with the intent of invoking passion and emotion in every creative endeavor.

About Mickey Buen

Mickey Buen, producer, writer, and founder of MICKEY BUEN ENTERTAINMENT, has been in the entertainment business for well over three decades. The majority of that time has been dedicated to music, recording and live performances. Finding herself more engaged in the production of videos and sound tracks, led her to become more involved in the writing and creative process. Hence the transition into film making. She is looking to combine all her talent to bring into fruition a profitable company with a house-hold name. Her intentions are to deliver powerful and impassioned works for targeted audiences, and show financial gain for anyone collaborating with MICKEY BUEN ENTERTAINMENT.